Traces not showing up in the app

The most common reason for traces not being received by Datadog is an agent communication issue:

  • Ensure the Datadog agent is running and reachable over the network if not on the same host.

  • Ensure that ddtrace is configured with the hostname and port of the agent. See Configuration for the configuration variables.

To verify that a connection is being made to the agent, enable start-up logs with the environment variable DD_TRACE_STARTUP_LOGS=true. A diagnostic log that looks like DATADOG TRACER DIAGNOSTIC... will be displayed with the connection error if there is a problem connecting to the agent.

Failed to send traces… ConnectionRefusedError

Failed to send traces to Datadog Agent...: ConnectionRefusedError(111, 'Connection refused')

The Datadog Agent has a limit to the number of connections it can receive. This can be configured with the instructions here:

Still having issues?

If none of the above was able to resolve the issue then please reach out to Datadog support at Or view the other support options listed here: