Upgrade 0.x#

Deprecation warnings#

As of v0.60.0, the library provides Python warnings for deprecations with an additional warning category ddtrace.DDTraceDeprecationWarning.

This warning category can be used in configuring pytest warnings capture to turn warnings into errors:

pytest -W "error::ddtrace.DDTraceDeprecationWarning" tests.py

In addition, the environment variable DD_TRACE_RAISE_DEPRECATIONWARNING is provided to configure the warning filter to raise an exception in an application instrumented with ddtrace:

DD_TRACE_RAISE_DEPRECATIONWARNING=1 ddtrace-run python app.py

Before v0.60.0, you must enable all deprecation warnings and filter the application or tests logs for deprecations specific to the ddtrace library:

$ python -Wall app.py

# or

$ PYTHONWARNINGS=all python app.py

Environment variables#

Use the following patterns to identify the deprecated environment variables in a code base:

git grep -e "DATADOG_[A-Z_]*" \