ddtrace can be configured using environment variable. They are listed below:

Variable Name Type Default value Description
DD_ENV String   Set an application’s environment e.g. prod, pre-prod, staging. Added in v0.36.0.
DD_SERVICE String (autodetected) Set the service name to be used for this application. A default is provided for these integrations: Bottle, Flask, Grpc, Pyramid, Pylons, Tornado, Celery, Django and Falcon. Added in v0.36.0.
DD_TAGS String   Set global tags to be attached to every span. e.g. key1:value1,key2,value2. Added in v0.38.0.
DD_VERSION String   Set an application’s version in traces and logs e.g. 1.2.3, 6c44da20, 2020.02.13. Added in v0.36.0.
DD_SITE String Specify which site to use for uploading profiles. Set to to use EU site.
DD_TRACE_ENABLED Boolean True Enable sending of spans to the Agent. Note that instrumentation will still be installed and spans will be generated. Added in v0.41.0 (formerly named DATADOG_TRACE_ENABLED).
DD_TRACE_DEBUG Boolean False Enables debug logging in the tracer. Setting this flag will cause the library to create a root logging handler if one does not already exist. Added in v0.41.0 (formerly named DATADOG_TRACE_DEBUG).
DD_TRACE_<INTEGRATION>_ENABLED Boolean True Enables <INTEGRATION> to be patched. For example, DD_TRACE_DJANGO_ENABLED=false will disable the Django integration from being installed. Added in v0.41.0.
DATADOG_PATCH_MODULES String   Override the modules patched for this execution of the program. Must be a list in the module1:boolean,module2:boolean format. For example, boto:true,redis:false.
DD_LOGS_INJECTION Boolean True Enables Logs Injection.
DD_TRACE_AGENT_URL URL http://localhost:8126 The URL to use to connect the Datadog agent. The url can starts with http:// to connect using HTTP or with unix:// to use a Unix Domain Socket.
DD_TRACE_STARTUP_LOGS Boolean True Enable or disable start up diagnostic logging.
DD_TRACE_SAMPLE_RATE Float 1.0 A float, f, 0.0 <= f <= 1.0. f*100% of traces will be sampled.
DD_PROFILING_ENABLED Boolean False Enable Datadog profiling when using ddtrace-run.
DD_PROFILING_API_TIMEOUT Float 10 The timeout in seconds before dropping events if the HTTP API does not reply.
DD_PROFILING_MAX_TIME_USAGE_PCT Float 2 The percentage of maximum time the stack profiler can use when computing statistics. Must be greater than 0 and lesser or equal to 100.
DD_PROFILING_MAX_FRAMES Integer 64 The maximum number of frames to capture in stack execution tracing.
DD_PROFILING_CAPTURE_PCT Float 2 The percentage of events that should be captured (e.g. memory allocation). Greater values reduce the program execution speed. Must be greater than 0 lesser or equal to 100.
DD_PROFILING_UPLOAD_INTERVAL Float 60 The interval in seconds to wait before flushing out recorded events.
DD_PROFILING_IGNORE_PROFILER Boolean True Whether to ignore the profiler in the generated data.
DD_PROFILING_TAGS String   The tags to apply to uploaded profile. Must be a list in the key1:value,key2:value2 format.