Release Notes



Add support for Python 3.9

New Features

  • Store request headers in Flask integration.
  • pyodbc integration. This enables the pyodbc library to trace queries.
  • starlette integration resource aggregation This aggregates endpoints to the starlette application resource that was accessed. It occurs by default but it is configurable through config.starlette[“aggregate_resources”].
  • The profiler now captures the traces information with the lock profiling.
  • The Profiler instances now restart automatically in child process when the main program is forked. This only works for Python ≥ 3.7.

Bug Fixes

  • dbapi: add support for connection context manager usage
  • Check Django view before instrumenting MRO
  • core: use loose types when encoding.
  • Patch pynamodb on import to prevent patching conflicts with gevent.
  • tornado: handle when the current span is None in log_exception().